What are clinical trials? Why you should try them?

What are clinical trials? Why you should try them?

Clinical trials are medical study that involves humans. There are two kinds of research: observation research and clinical trials. Observational studies look at people in everyday situations. Researchers collect data, categorise participants based on broad traits, and then analyse changes across time. For example, scientists may gather data on a group of older persons over time using medical examinations, tests, or questionnaires to learn more about the impact of varied behaviours on cognitive health.

clinical trials singapore are human research studies that try to evaluate a medicinal, surgical, or behavioural intervention. They are the preferred method by which researchers determine if a novel therapy, such as a new medicine, diet, or medical equipment (such as a pacemaker), is effective and safe in humans. A clinical study is frequently performed to determine whether a novel treatment is more successful and/or has fewer negative consequences than the current treatment.


Other clinical research is looking for ways to detect a disease early, even before symptoms develop. Others investigate strategies to avoid health concerns. A clinical trial could also investigate how to improve the lives of people who have life-threatening conditions or severe health concerns. Clinical studies may also investigate the function of carers or support groups.

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Why should you take part in a medical trial?

Some people join a clinical study because previous therapies for their health issues did not work. Many participate because there is no treatment for their serious illness. Some studies are intended for or include individuals who are fit but wish to help uncover strategies to prevent an illness that runs in their family.

Many people believe that participation in a medical study allows them to play a greater role in their health treatment. Others said they’d want to help researchers learn further about specific illnesses. Whatever your purpose, participating in a clinical study makes you a collaborator in scientific discovery. Your support may also help future generations live healthier lives. Major medical advances would not be possible without the kindness of clinical trial volunteers, whether young or elderly.

Where may I look for a clinical trial?

There are several resources available to assist you in your search for a clinical study. You can join a registry or a matching service to get connected with trials in your region. Clinical research is sometimes listed in support networks and websites that specialise in a certain ailment. You may also notice advertisements for trials near your neighbourhood in the paper or on television.