Hair transformation with BioThik Hair Fibres

Hair transformation with BioThik Hair Fibres


Hair is a noticeable part of any person’s beauty and it enhances the personality.Thick hair is always attractive and when hair is thin, it symbolizes health issues or maybe baldness. Such hair needs to be provided a solution so one who is suffering from thinning of hair will get thick hair fibers and this is possible with Biothik. At BioThik there are three easy steps in order to get Fuller and thicker hair fibres and this will be providing the maximum effect.

Application of the hair fibers is simple and quick

These hair fibers are designed for both the genders’ male and female patterns which will transform your look as well as confidence with the instant BioThik hair fibers. these are easy to apply and easy to use which will create a natural Invisible or undetectable outcome and one wouldn’t regret applying these hair fibers for their thin hair. Hair looks so natural and thick, in a better form than before.

hair fibres

The steps that have to be followed for the application of these BioThik hair fibers are as follows

  • The first step is to wash and dry the hair
  • The second step is to sprinkle BioThik hair building fiber after the process of styling over the scalp where there are thinning areas and this has to be done till the scalp is not visible. the product has to be held in such a way that it should be two to three inches away from the scalp.

With the help of a hand, you have to Pat and shape the area so that it scatters and distributes on the scalp evenly with the filaments within your hair.

  • The 3rd and final step is to apply the BioThikfiber locking mist so that it secures the bond of these hair fibers from sweat as well as wind.

If you check into the website of the BioThik you have many hair fibers in various shades of colors and these are the natural keratin hair fibers that will make your hair which is thinning into thicker and also this is an instant process.

These products can be ordered online and the colors which are available in stock are black,Dark Brown,Medium Brown,Light Brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, light blonde with blonde or burn greyas well as white. so, you can choose your color and order them online. these are the products were made up of natural ingredients and BioThik is a product that is made up of organic keratin protein which is natural and also the same kind of protein that here is built from.


Here is an asset and it has to be provided the best so that it will make your personality look elegant and gorgeous. with the utilization of thesebiothik hair fibers, there is a 100% possibility of satisfaction with the product and in case if you’re not satisfied with the product there is also a money-back guarantee offered within 30 days. so, you can make your hair special with this BioThik hair product.

How A Bleeding Belly Button Is Treated

One of the strangest physical issues that people might have heard of is a bleeding belly button. It is not like you’d witness your belly button bleeding every now and then, like bleeding nose. Since the term says it all, you don’t really need a formal definition of bleeding belly button to know about it. There can be many reasons why you might have a bleeding belly button. This occurs mostly when a piercing goes wrong and causes infection. Besides that, if the belly button is not kept clean, it might be infected by bacteria and fungi which in turn can cause bleeding belly button. Here’s how a bleeding belly button is treated.

When you visit a doctor, the doctor would first take a look at your belly button. This is followed by a thorough examination using which the doctor addresses the symptoms. These symptoms then help the doctor prescribe you medication. If it is a fungal infection, the doctor would prescribe an antifungal ointment and if it is a bacterial infection, you’d be prescribed a bacterial ointment.

Precautions while applying medication

Before you apply the prescribed medicine on the affected area, make sure you clean the navel area with clean water and an antibacterial soap. After doing so, wipe it gently using a towel to completely dry it off. After you are done with cleaning it, apply the antibacterial or antifungal ointment on the affected area. Make sure you don’t rub the affected area, as it can worsen the condition of your belly button.

Dealing with the pus

In order to get rid of the pus that has been accumulated in the affected area, you can take a bowl full of lukewarm water. Now, mix about a pinch of Epsom salt in it. Use a cotton ball to soak in this solution and place it on your belly button. This will help you get rid of the pus and reduce the swelling and pain associated with the pus accumulation.

After care

As your belly button recovers from the infection, a scab is formed. However, make sure you don’t pick the scab or meddle with it. If you do so, it has every possibility of causing bleeding again. After the infection has been completely cured, make sure you keep your belly button clean. The belly button is infected mostly because of being unclean. Maintaining proper hygiene is a very important precautionary measure. When the belly button is moist and has an accumulation of dirt, it becomes an ideal living condition for the bacteria and fungi. And this is how bacteria and fungi act on your skin and cause an infection and bleeding.

If you are getting a piercing in your belly button, make sure you get it done by a reliable and professional person. Even after getting it pierced, make sure you take all the precautions that are told to be taken. After getting a piercing, a lot of people experience an infection in the belly button for being careless.