Is Reusable Better than Disposable PPE? Find Out Here

Is Reusable Better than Disposable PPE Find Out Here

Even before COVID-19 happened, there has already been a debate about reusable and disposable  PPE. And now that there is a high demand of this in the medical field, the supply has also decreased due to the rising number of coronavirus  cases all across the globe. And with that,  is it still advisable to use the disposable PPE? Or is it better to stick with the reusable ones? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Using Diposable PPE

One of the reasons why there is a problem with the use of disposable PPE is the lack of the reusable options. PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is crucial in the medical field. And using disposable PPE poses some issues and one of them is unsustainability. Remember that all of the disposable PPEs are designed for single use.

It cannot be washed as any laundering method can threaten its integrity. And when it happens, it losses its capacity to protect the user. And PPEs need to be leak-proof, fluid-proof, and should be resistant to tears and cuts. And washing them will lose these guarantees. And because of this, single-use PPEs need to be disposed after use.

Benefits of Using Reusable PPEs

With the problems with disposable PPEs mentioned above, for sure by now you know why most medical clinics and hospitals that are running out of disposable options turn to the reusable ones. This is the more sustainable alternative and are usually available at any store that sells medical supplies Australia. And to help you decide, here are the known benefits that you can consider when picking between disposable and reusable PPEs.

  • Readily Available. It would take less time to disinfect and handle reusable PPEs compared to waiting for stocks of disposable ones to arrive. And this makes disposable PPEs more available when needed. This means that medical personnel will worry less about having to use disposable PPEs longer or more times than what is recommended.
  • As mentioned, one of the problems of using single-use PPE is its unsustainability. With reusable PPEs, they do not end up as non-biodegraable plastic waste after using. They can be reused and they leave less carbon footprint.
  • Viruses can survive for less than two days on cloth materials. Also, the virus becomes inactive when placed in at least 70-degree Celsius environment. If you have the right laundry facility, they can process and return your facility’s PPE to be used again.

Using reusable PPE may not eliminate the need for the use of disposable PPEs. Still, for less crucial areas, doing so can greatly reduce the demand on the supply. With the benefits in mind, it is easy to start considering the advantages of using reusable PPEs in the medical environment.