Important Things To Know About Shock Wave Therapy Tennis Elbow

Important Things To Know About Shock Wave Therapy Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis. This is one of the most common injuries in the case of the arm. This is mainly work-related or maybe a sport-related condition that is being caused by continuous overloading by excessive, quick,  as well as repetitive movements of the wrist. Some of the important facts about the shock wave therapy tennis elbow have been discussed in this article.

Common symptoms of the tennis elbow to know about 

A few of the common symptoms of the tennis elbow are mentioned below:

  1. There can be tenderness on the outside of the elbow
  2. There can be stiffness in the morning with the persistent aching
  3. There can be the discomfort of the forearms as well as pain is mainly worsened by gripping or holding an object

This condition is mainly diagnosed during the clinical assessment by the trained practitioner, an ultrasound scan is mainly used, or even an MRI.

Shock Wave Therapy

Important facts to know about shockwave therapy for the tennis elbow 

Shockwave therapy is mainly a modern as well as very effective treatment option in the area of orthopedic as well as rehabilitation medicine. The term shockwave mainly refers to mechanical pressure pulses which expand as the wave in the body.

A wave of energy is mainly created as well as delivered to the particular area through the therapy source . This is mainly controlled by the therapist for delivering the wave . The therapy source can deliver the targeted, particular wave or the focused shockwave, or a general wave which is the radial pressure wave. Shockwave therapy has a wide application and is commonly used in practice by different healthcare professionals.  Some of the conditions below in which one can get benefit from the shockwave therapy are:

  1. The calcific tendonitis of the shoulder or the frozen shoulder
  2. The golfer’s elbow
  3. The greater trochanteric pain syndrome or the hip pain
  4. Medial tibial stress syndrome
  5. The plantar fasciitis
  6. Achilles tendinopathy
  7.  The knee pain

Shockwave therapy is mainly a non-invasive treatment that uses acoustic pressure to reduce pain. Pain relief is mainly gained through hyper-stimulation of the painful area. This mainly increases the blood supply. This also aims to facilitate the healing process. One can achieve substantial improvement between 3 to 12 weeks after having the treatment.

These are some of the important facts to know about shockwave therapy tennis elbow.