Birth Control 101: Most Effective Pill To Delay Your Period

Birth control policy has been a big topic since before. Many have agreed on the birth control method according to how it is performed, while the religious groups disagree. Why? Following what is written in the bible, any kind of contraceptive product is forbidden.

Some states believe that birth control is one way to help people in their living. They are not forced or can’t commit a crime such as abortion if they use these contraceptives. Another method for birth control is an oral medication, tablets to delay period stops regular menstrual cycles.

 Norethisterone: a birth control method

There are a lot of birth control options, including contraceptive pills, condoms, etc. However, these contraceptive pills are not safe against STDs. Therefore, you must be aware that it is not safe to take it considering that you will be safe from this sexually transmitted disease. Norethisterone is considered the safest method of birth control. It delays the menstrual period, it stops fertilization.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects of this birth control pill are the benefits to get, such as:

  • Bleeding (not related to regular menstrual period)
  • Irregular periods

These are the side effects that you must expect when taking this pill. However, it is recommended to have a consultation first before buying the product. Possible side effects may be experienced but don’t get easily worried because side effects are natural. As long as it doesn’t cause any disease or illness, you are very safe.

Norethisterone is very safe for women who want to use it on an occasional basis. However, it is recommended to ask the advice of the doctor, especially if you planned to delay the period. Aside from the mentioned side effects above, women normally experience the following:

  • Acne
  • Low mood
  • Fluid retention
  • Breast tenderness
  • Loss of libido

It is crucial to take note of how well it works. It is also the best birth control option aside from condoms to prevent pregnancy. Women who suffer from breast cancer, liver tumors, and severe vascular disease must not take norethisterone.

How norethisterone affects the menstrual cycle

The progesterone hormone level falls during a menstrual cycle. It causes the womb lining to shed and then the period occurs. If the norethisterone is taken throughout, the menstruation is prevented as the levels drop out.

Speaking of the medication, it is taken 3 days before the period starts and you need to take 1 tablet 3 times per day. The medication should be taken within 20 days. Within these days, you stop the period and after you stop taking the pill, bleeding starts after 2-4 days. Women usually use this pill because it is familiar. Generally, it is safe to postpone the period for a trip or holiday.

There are so many methods to prevent pregnancy. But, if you see norethisterone as a good option, then you must order it online. Order the pill with a free consultation from the doctor? The consultation takes 2 minutes, which means it doesn’t cost you a lot from having it ordered online.