What are the factors that you need to consider in having a full mouth rehabilitation?

What are the factors that you need to consider in having a full mouth rehabilitation?

People are taking good care of their teeth. Although there are millions of people. Those are experiencing tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. It will not only change your oral health but also your self-confidence and self-esteem. You might sometimes feel that all the hope is lost because you’re suffering from dental problems. But now there are treatments that you can have. The all on 4 Kew Dentistry are experts that can fix your problems and restore your smile. That uses full mouth rehabilitation. Having a full mouth rehabilitation might be scary. But you have a lot of reasons to use this kind of solution for your dental problem.

Fixing your worn-down teeth

In the human body, the strongest material in your body is the teeth. Through time it will wash away the enamel in your teeth. Enamel is protecting your teeth. It might also change the color and shape of your teeth which makes them more sensitive. When you’re eating acidic foods like orange juice, carbonated drinks, and more. It might trigger it. The teeth grinding might also wear away the biting of your teeth. Sometimes you will not realize that you’re doing it. When you use full mouth rehabilitation. It will restore your teeth to keep them healthy and strong.

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Fixing the damaged, chipped, or fractured teeth

You can’t predict what will happen and you can damage your teeth in so many ways. There might be an accident where you fall or slip and you chipped your tooth. It doesn’t matter how you get it but they can repair or change your tooth with a porcelain veneer, or dental implant.

Treating your gum disease

Most people are experiencing tooth loss, gum disease, or periodontal disease. Once it is untreated. Gum disease will increase the risk of tooth loss. They are offering a periodontal service. It is to cure gum disease, boost your oral health and lessen the risk of having serious dental problems. You will be in antibiotic treatment, root planing, and pocket reduction surgery.

When you have a full mouth rehabilitation. You can boost your oral health and bring back your confidence in yourself. Everything can be fixed when the treatment is correct.

You can smile again

When you’re missing a tooth that is normal. As there are millions of people missing their teeth. Thanks to dental technology and treatment. You can now have different choices to change your teeth and complete them so you can smile again. These implants are either bridge or partial dentures. It will depend on the situation of your teeth. These dental implants are strong and can last a lifetime.

Lessen the chronic pain

Chronic pain can also affect parts of your body which includes your mouth and jaw. Another reason why you’re experiencing headaches or jaw pain is because of your bite. That is how your lower and upper teeth meet. And when you bite down it will cause an oral function, aesthetics, and chewing. The misalignment of your teeth will have a great impact on your bite and puts stress on other teeth. It will cause the wearing and jaw muscles. Also the speech and chewing. It might also cause other dental problems such as tooth loss and cavities.