Is Hypnotherapy Good For You Or Not?


Knowing the meaning of hypnotherapy gives you the idea of whether it is harmful or not. But, if you open a discussion on a forum thread, you will be reading a lot of concepts about the said therapy. Some would say bad while others would say no. What is the truth behind therapy? Are there any drawbacks to it?

Hypnosis might not be good for a person with psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations or someone using alcohol and drugs, but hypnotherapy perth is ideal for making you better.

What does it use for?

Hypnotherapy can be used for pain control after being evaluated by a doctor for a person with a physical disorder that requires surgical or medical treatment. Hypnosis can be a less effective form of therapy than some other traditional treatments, such as medication for psychiatric disorders. Some therapists are using hypnosis for recovering possible repressed memories believed as connected to the mental disorder of a person.

But, the reliability and quality of information recalled by the patient under hypnosis are not trustworthy at all times. In addition, hypnosis can be posed a risk of creating false memories. It is usually a result of forced suggestions or asking leading questions by the hypnotherapist. Due to these reasons, hypnosis can’t be considered a mainstream part of most psychotherapy forms.

Also, the use of hypnosis for mental disorders, in which patients are highly sensitive to suggestions remains especially controversial.


Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

Hypnosis is not a risky procedure. It is not a kind of mind control or brainwashing therapy. The therapist will not make a person perform something embarrassing or the person doesn’t want to do. False memories are the greatest risk that can potentially be created and are less effective than pursuing other, more traditional, and established psychiatric treatments. But, be mindful that hypnosis is not a recognized alternative for treating the major psychiatric disorders, such as:

  • schizophrenia
  • disorder
  • major depression

Therefore, don’t get fooled by those offering hypnotherapy to treat those mentioned psychiatric disorders. Once you make use of hypnotherapy, sooner or later, you will just realize that you are just wasting your money on the sessions. There is nothing to get from this kind of therapy with any psychiatric disorder. Mind this!

You should always be watchful of what path you are going to take. Don’t simply get fooled by those wrong suggestions. It is time for you to be aware of how hypnosis can help treat a health condition and which is not.