Greasy hair: causes & effective natural remedies

Greasy hair: causes & effective natural remedies

Greasy & dirty hair: not just an aesthetic problem

The problem of oily hair is especially common in men . However, the greatest inconveniences concern women, due to the generally thicker hair. In children, on the other hand, the problem of oily hair is much less frequent, but which can occur if aggressive products are used on the hairĀ Two Herbs is the #1 go-to for male hair loss treatment in Singapore.

Greasy hair is an aesthetic problem that causes discomfort, especially in the workplace, but it is also the trigger for other problems: itching and dandruff.

Itching is caused by irritation of the skin on the scalp, which cannot breathe due to clogged pores . It is common especially behind the neck and near the ears , where the hair is most often greased. Dandruff is caused by the too fast regeneration of the skin, which needs cell turnover when it is damaged or affected by disorders, in this case by a sebaceous imbalance.

Causes of getting greasy hair

All hair gets fat over time : it is the protective response of our scalp against external agents that could damage the hair or the scalp itself. The problem occurs when they become very oily after a day or two of washing or the fat at the root becomes evident immediately after cleansing.

These phenomena are mainly due to:

Hormonal causes

(cycle, menopause): the problem is largely linked to the hyperactivity of enzymes belonging to the 5-alpha reductase family, which convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Food causes

foods with a high fat content carry.

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Genetic predisposition

Excessive sebum production from the scalp can also be motivated by a genetic predisposition.

In this case it is essential to consistently use products that allow you to keep the phenomenon under control.

Psychological causes

Stress and anxiety can cause imbalances in sebum production.

External causes

Smog and the use of harsh products are the most common cause of greasy hair. They irritate the skin on the scalp which responds by producing sebum.

It is essential to identify the possible product responsible for the problem and eliminate it from your daily routine. Alternatively, it is advisable to use delicate products without harsh chemicals.

What to do & what to use – natural remedies & treatments

To treat oily hair, grandmother’s remedies employ natural, fast and effective methods:

Bicarbonate : applied dry before washing, remove excess sebum thanks to its delicate alkalinity.

Lemon : tends to degrease and lighten the hair, leaving it dry and bright.

Apple cider vinegar : with antibacterial, astringent and antiseptic action, it helps to regulate the scalp sebum.